Sprint Retrospective 4

This week’s Sprint retrospective we had many issues. Most of the group could not open ng2-amrs program. So, for some of the sprint we were trying to get it working. When we first saw the projects, we are all able to download and able to run ng2-amrs program without any issues. However, for some reason four out of the five people’s program were not working. We sent messages to Ampath to see if it was something that they would be able to help us fix. However they were no help. We were also asking other students in the class of they were having similar issues but no one else was having the same issues. Most of us tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program and it did work for a few. While we were trying to work on fixing the ng2 we were also thinking of ideas of how to get this encryption service into the website. First we were thinking that they wanted only an encryption for the password. But from talking to Jonathan this encryption service was meant to encrypt everything from data coming in, going out, passwords, and files. We were looking up research about other encryption services that might have done this before but most of the encryption service are not done offline. This is because we would not be able to save the hash password and the salt on the tablet because if we did they would be saved on the tablet they are using. That is not really safe a encryption especially because it is patient data. At this point we are confused with what we must do. Unlike other projects that give us specifications and an end goal of what they want. The ampath project is different for us because you cannot just message them and expect a response right away because they live on the other side of the world and most of the times when we are brainstorming ideas on what we want to do. We don’t know exactly what they want and when we do ask they gave us a “yeah that seems fine.” kind of answer. Most of times we just want exactly what they want. For me this project has been difference because for other classes and other products that I have been working on such as personal project and project for classes I would be told what the final expectation for this project would be. Since this project for Ampath is such a huge project and many of us are just learning new stuff just for this project. We don’t know much of what they want or what to do. Once we understand that they wanted a websites that would be able to hold all the patient data offline so that they would be able to meet patients where they would have no cellular service. But part of the problem with that is when doing encryption services from the standpoint of view of programmers we want this to be perfect so that way and path would not have any troubles but I’ll find encryption to us feasible or possible we hope that the next Prince able to get a lot more work done we would try and get something so that they can work off of this or maybe the next project for the next class would be able to take the coat that we have now and work off of that