Unleash Your Enthusiasm

This section of the chapter is very relatable because when I first got into computer science most of my friends and family were not very impresses or helpful with my interest in it because most of them were in business or the medical field. so just as it says in the section i had to nourish my curiosity of computer science by reading up on things myself and I was just getting the bare minimum of CS. Luckily I had one cousin who was already in computer science and he told me about these competitions called Hackathons that were programming competitions that people did for computer science that you can win prizes and learn about programming and making connections. At first I turned him down many times because in my head I thought that those Hackathons were for people who has experience programming and at least has one or two years of knowledge under their belt. However, I was very wrong when I finally went I meet many people who never programmed in their lives. This was the start of my fascination of computer science. When I first started all I did was give out ideas and suggestions of what the product, website, or program should do. I talked to many different companies such as google, dell, hp, twillio, and ect. They all told me about their own path in their computer science careers. From there I started to want to learn more and more programming and wanted to write my own stuff just for fun and learn how things work.

To me this chapter has a deeper meaning such that we all do need to unleash our enthusiasm. This doesn’t just mean computer science it can mean anything and everything. Once we find a group of people that share common interest and ideas as what we want to do. This will stoke the fire within us to want to learn more, do more, and get out there. Once we get that push we can encourage each other to do what we love and besides just flying under the radar we can be out there learning, helping, and teaching others about our own passion.