Concrete Skills

This week I read the book Apprenticeship Patters guidance for the Aspiring Software Craftsman. There was this one section that caught my attention and it was the Concrete Skills. This was very interesting to me because it’s quote was “Having knowledge is not the same as having the skill and practical ability to apply that knowledge to create software applications. this is where craftsmanship comes in.” Growing up we are taught that you need all the knowledge you can to even be able to be considered for a job. Many people tell us that you need even a masters to be considered for a job these days anymore. However there was a professor I meet back when I first started  programming he told me he used to be the hiring manager for IBM and he meet hundred of different candidates that tried and applied for the job. The things he learned about hiring people is that not everyone is the same.  Yes there will be people who have the knowledge of programming and would pass all these tests and get everything right. However,  once it came to actual coding and work ethics they were very questionable. There are people who got out of college that have a different perspective. They say that  everything you learn in school isn’t going to be helpful in the real world. Most of the time you learn all your skills once you get a job where they teach you what skills you need. It is really all about if the job would take the risk and hire you. There are many stories that there are people who have basic knowledge of programming are hired because they have experience in other fields that can be used to help out the team in different ways because you don’t just want a team of programmers that know one language but a team that can cover each others weaknesses. That’s why I think that this sections is very good because it gives a real perspective of what companies should look for in a person not what they can do now but how will hiring them affect us in the future and the capability of these people in the future.

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