Sprint Retrospective 2

This week’s sprint retrospective we finally figured out what we are doing.  We started to talk about what we wanted to do for the project. Looking at the Trello board there were quite a few options. However, since Eric had some experience with encryption services we decided to work on the encryption for the website.

We were reading the google doc to see what they wanted us to do for this project. We noticed that they wanted to be able go to download a certain patient information before they were to go out onto the field because whenever they were to work on the field the internet would cut off and it would impact their work dramatically. So, we know that since they are taking sensitive information with them outside they have the risk of it getting stolen. With this information, we wanted to have an encryption that is not just some username password but also a keygen so that way it would last a few weeks or however long the doctor would want the information on the tablet to be accessible on the tablet but after that it would get locked out where you would not be able to access the information at all.

Our next objective was to look up what kind of library’s we could use to make this encryption such as crypto-js, forge, bcryptjs, and webcrypto. Oren sent a message on the slack to Jonathan asking what kind of encryption that they have already used or would like us to use and they are fine with us choosing.

We then set up on our Trello board what each one has to research and write a sample project with the assigned library. As I researched the encryption library Forge. There were many things that I had no idea what they were talking about or what it did so because of this I had to watch a few YouTube videos of what encryption really is. I had a feeling that encryption is just like a folder that you put a password on and then that way no one can access it but it’s different than that. The process of covering information of data into a code. So that way it can change words into random words and letters that would just be gibberish. This is going to be a lot of fun learning about encryption since many things out now a day should deal with personal information security and to be able to learn more about it is going to be useful for me in the future.

Moving forward we just want to be able to work on our communication with each other and how we would be able to share the information that we have with not just each other but also with the rest of the class. Throughout the week all I have done was read though the code and to see what it does. Reading though the code it looks like they have some kind of implication for security however it looks very basic.

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