Sprint Retrospective 1

For this sprint retrospective there isn’t much to talk about because we were just going over the basics of how we are going to work together and setting up the server for our team to work on. During the sprint meeting we talked about the little things that we would like to set up so that way our experience of the class will be much easier. Such as how we can change how our trello board works. The way that we decided to do the trello board is that we wanted to have a column of things that we should do. Which was the sprint back log. Things we are working on which is the sprint planning.  Then for the end of each sprint we would sit down review what we did what we finished and then decided if the part that we finished would go on to the finished section or would stay on the needs to be completed section.

Next, we talked about how we are going to push code to each other. This was something that was going to be a little difficult for us because most of the time we just push the code to our own git and we don’t have to worry about messing with anyone else code. We decided that any code that we write that would be combined we would push it in class together that way if we have any issues we can talk to each other then and there. Since we do not know how git hub would implement the changes and if we would want each other to change something that we wanted to write but someone else wrote something else then that way it would cause less confusion within the group.

Finally, we went onto the google doc at the end of the meeting and just talked a reviewed the stories for ng-amrs. Just trying to keep ourselves ahead of the curve and started talking about how we can do this project. Sitting down and reading many of the stories they all talked about how they were going to a village and most of the time they would have no internet at some times. So it was harder for them to pull up information about their patient. So the main point of the project was to have an offline application that they can access between online and offline seamlessly. However they don’t want to have every single patient but to have certain patents in the tablet so that way they don’t have to worry about storage space.

Throughout the week I just worked on the assignment leading up to setting up the server and getting to know my team more. Some of the things that did help me out throughout the sprints are the slack board and my teammates. For now I don’t see any issues working  with my team they are all great people and we are testing the waters of how we should be coordinating how we work and what we should do.

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