Your first language

This week I read up on the section from the single pattern book called “Your First Language.”With this chapter focused on the people who are just starting out their programming journey and they have little to no experience programming.

This section talks about the problem that these people face when they first start learning to program. Many of them feel like they should have the knowledge of multiple language and they have to be proficient so that way their code isn’t just chicken scratch so that way everyone in their team can just pick up their code and use it right away. They also feel like they have to make their code be as good as the senior members of their team. However, in reality these people don’t know as much or as well as the other people working in their group.

This part of the chapter tells the readers that they should just pick a language and try to become fluent in it. No matter what language you choose the basic problem-solving skills that you get from it would be able to be used in other languages. One of the major tips that I believe works well is that you don’t have to learn this language by yourself. Find someone who has mastered the language and talk to them about it. You should be able to ask them for tips and tricks about the programming language. Even though you don’t see them every single day if you see them once a week it can improve your knowledge of the language. Once you learn enough code to start writing your own stuff you can start running test, tweaking, and experimenting your code. With this you can learn what can break the code and learn the limit of the code. You also aren’t limited in learning the language you can also learn about how other people’s libraries work and over time you can test points to new library’s and see the functionalities of them.

A good advice that this pattern talks about is to talk to other people who have mastered multiple languages. Then ask them why did they choose the language they are using now. Also, since they have mastered multiple language what is their favorite and what do they think is the best language to learn first. With this it allows you to get input from other people of what works and what doesn’t. I like this pattern and what they talk about because with this people who want to start programming shouldn’t be scared of it. Programming isn’t something that you have to naturally gifted to be able to do. It takes time to learn and understand what you are doing. This is what the Computer Science Club is trying to do. So that programming isn’t hard and if you take the time to learn and study it you can do it as well. Everyone learns at their own pace and their own language so that way anyone can learn programming and it’s not hard to do.

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