Chapter One

Chapter One of Apprenticeship patters was a very helpful and interesting reading. For the most part I agreed with mostly everything this chapter has talked about. I love the idea that programmers are broken down into three different categories which are the apprentice, the journeyman, and the master. Within these different categories I still believe that I am an apprentice. As an apprentice I aim to keep learning new programming languages and to expand my knowledge for me, myself, and I. So, I am always looking for tutors, “masters”, and any kind of outside sources to help me learn as much as I can. Next stage would be the journeyman. These people are still trying to improve themselves and their knowledge of programming language however they are educated and experienced enough that they can talk to other journeyman and interact with other people. Finally, there are the masters who has reach the point in their lives that they are proficient enough in programming (however still learning because you can always teach an old dog new tricks.) These are the people who become mentors, teachers, project heads. They are the people that the apprentices and journeyman aspire to be and look to for help.

There was also a section of the chapter where it talks about the community of practice united and defined by overlapping values. Few of them are things I believe that a lot of new programmers should follow which is “A willingness to experiment and be proven wrong.” This is very important because we should not be afraid to make mistakes. With mistakes comes a learning/teaching experience. This shows you that there are things that you don’t know and that is fine because you are not supposed to know everything. If you are willing to make those risks then that just means that you accepted that you are not the best and is willing to learn from others. I also like the value that talks about “A belief that it is better to share what we know than to create scarcity by hording it.” I honestly think that this is something a lot of people should follow I understand with today’s society money rules the world. However, knowledge should not cost an arm and a leg to get. With education we should be able to get information from others to help each other out and to increase productivity with each other. Just as how in some of the classes have free books for classes it is an easier way for student to not have to worry about putting money on a book that they are only going to use for a few chapters. So I am happy that some of the classes I take the professor gets his book by an online source and it is free as well.

So what I got out of this chapter that I will take away and use in the furure is that I know 100% I do not know everything. I will and always look up to those mentors and teachers to help me grow my knowledge of programming. Then I hope that one day I can have enough knowledge to help those around me as well. Because there was this one professor I had back when I first started school and he said. “Teachers are not here to show off how much knowledge we have and to belittle you. A good teacher is a platform for you to reach a higher platform than what we have achieved. We are here to make you better than us and to use the knowledge we have gained when weer learning and to pass it on to you guys.” This is someone I want to be when I grow up and to pass on the knowledge I have gained to others.


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