Web Application Testing

Source: http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/web-application-testing/

This week I decided to look up different types of testing and I found a blog that talked about web testing. This website called software testing help had a blog that talked about web application testing and it gave a complete guide about testing web applications. I tried to find who the author of the post is but I could not find the name but the author talks about some web testing cheklist that programmers should go through before deploying their website. Which are

 1) functionality testing:

you should test your website to make sure that all of the links, forms, cookies, html, css, and database all work fine. It is important to make sure that the links are not broken links and that the code that you want to display onto the website are displayed correctly and in the right position.

2) Usability testing:

The usability test means that the website should be easy to use, any and all instructions that are on the website should be clear. There should be a main menu link on every page and it should be constant though out the website. You should also make sure that there are no spelling errors, all the fonts, colors, frames, etc. are all on the right setting.

3) Interface testing:

Check if the interacting between the website and the servers are functional and any errors that are given are handled properly.

4) Compatibility Testing:

Make sure that the browsing compatibility is available for all sorts of browsers and OS such as Firefox, google chrome, AOL, windows, MAC, Linux and other OS and brewers that are available today.

5) Performance testing:

You should make sure that the website can handle heavy load of traffic though the webpage so it does not crash and would be able to handle large user request simultaneously. A web stress test is to test the specific limits of the website and sees how the system reacts when it crashes and recovers from those crash.

6) Security testing:

Finally you want to make sure the security for the website especially a website that would take personal data and save it on its data base be secured enough for people to log in and feel safe that their personal information is protects.

I like this blog because right now in our class we are going to be devolving our own website and even though we are not going to have it be deployed to the public there are some testing in here that are good to remember when writing our code. In future situations when I am writing programs for websites this blog is a good reminder of what kind of tests I should do to make sure that I am doing everything before I deploy a website.

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