Test Automation

Source: http://www.cigniti.com/blog/why-you-should-take-automated-testing-seriously/

This week I decided to write about Test Automation. I found a blog that talked about Test Automation. However I have never heard of test automation before so I had to do some research and find out what it was at 1st. from what I read online test automation is basically testing programs by using other testing software outside of the application itself. Test automation has been around ever since the computer industry has been out. Testing is not like what programmers do where they just run their code in different situations and different fields and input and outputs. These test automations were people who were dedicated to testing out software not like debugging it but running it though tests. This was a much larger and more complex system that even was to be thought of as a discipline worthy of study apart from programming.  With testing it was not just some AI testing the programming for incidentally, accidently but inherently for human errors and human interaction with the program. Test automation cannot reproduce the thinking that testers do when they conceive of tests, control tests, modify tests, and observe and evaluate the product. Test automation cannot perform sapient testing. Therefore, automation of testing does NOT mean automation of the service provided by the software tester. With Test Automation it should not be programmers testing out the code themselves and seeing if things work but people who have no idea about what they are working with or doing to test these codes and seeing how human action affects the program they are using.

This topic I read was kind of interesting because it talks a bit about what the first testing there was in the computer science world. To me I think that this kind of testing should be used a bit more because I don’t think that the people who are writing the code should test it all the time because there could be mistakes that you don’t notice and especially programs that are going to be used for the public having someone who has no idea about what code is and how to read it test out the program is useful. I think I would use this in real life situation when doing testing for code I write because like people say old but gold.

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