Object Oriented Programming

Source: https://medium.com/omarelgabrys-blog/the-story-of-object-oriented-programming-12d1901a1825

This week I decided to write about Object Oriented Programming. I found a really helpful blog written by Omar El Gabry. This is his own blog talking about object oriented programming. I honestly wished I wrote about this sooner because it would have explained things to me much easier then when I was trying to learn for class. This blog explains all about object oriented programming. He breaks things down step by step even explaining what objects, classes, attributes, behaviors, etc. mean. I really like this in a blog because when someone with little or no programming background can be able to understand what he is talking about. In the blog he even gives real world examples talking about object orientation. He then talks about abstraction and what abstraction means. He uses the example of a car and what do you think about when you hear the word car with abstraction it’s the color or the size of the car and that is basically what abstraction is. It is the adjective of the car. He then talks about encapsulation where in code we don’t want to write out super long programs because there are things that we write that we don’t want someone to read or have access to so we would just hide the classes we write and restrict access to it. He gives a very true statement that I think every coder should take to heart is that when you encapsulate something we should hide as much as possible because in the real world you do not want everyone seeing what you wrote. He even added code so people can mess around with it and see how it works. In the code he has classes called animal and then dog, duck, and kangaroo that extends to the animal class and the main class uses the animal class to prints the name of the dog and the color of the dog and everything like that.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading the blog because it was a good refreshment of what I just learned and a much easier explanation of what I did before. To me I don’t think it would affect my future learning practices but I do think it’s a good recap of what I did before. I may just come back to it if I ever want to have a quick refresh or even send it to a friend who is thinking of learning about programming.

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