Ethical Hacking


This week I found a blog called computer science zone. There was this one blog that caught my eye which was called What is Ethical Hacking? Ethical hackers sound like an oxymoron because when you think of hacking you think of people who break into people’s computers, small business accounts, and websites. Where they would go on and steal personal information such as bank accounts, addresses, social, and many other things. The people that I was just talking about fall into the category of black hat hackers. However, there are hackers that are not all about stealing information their people are called white hat hackers. These people are actually hired to hack into company’s websites to find security leaks or holes so that way they can take care of it before someone who is trying to do serious damage can find it. There are a few specialists that this blog talks about as well such as information security analyst, security engineer, and penetration tester. As an information security analyst, they are responsible for solving security problems are companies and origination with substantial technology and informational infrastructure. Because of this there are a team of it professionals that monitor the database for these companies and they even ward off cyber-attacks daily. With security engineer, they are responsible for beefing up the security that they have and even creating new and effective ways to make the security for the company even stronger. With penetration tester, they are responsible for maintaining secure connect ability between internal and external communications. This means that they are often between email servers and accounting and communication software and the internet to keep hackers from invading those firewalls.

I like this blog a lot because it talks about a few future jobs that we have available to us as computer science majors. They even give the amount of money you make what you do at the work place and where they are usually at. This blog is very cool to read because when I was taking data security we learned about white and black hat hackers and I was very into that topic that it was really cool to see that there are different types of hackers in the work and not all of them are out in the world trying to do evil. So, it is nice to see that with computer science we are able to do many different jobs with many different people from small business and even muli-billion dollar companies.


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